All over the city, there are adult education programs to help you improve the skills of our D.C. residents. “Read Out Loud” is trying to get the word out about these programs. We are getting the word out with ads on TV, radio, subways, and buses.

On this site, you can look for a program where you can get a tutor, or where you can go to class to study reading and writing, GED, or English-as-a-Second Language.

Creating a City of Learning Begins with Adult Education Programs
The District of Columbia is a world-class city with a vibrant economy that cannot afford to forgo the skills, talent and hard work of any Washingtonian. However, one in three of the adults in Washington read only at or below a third grade level. These adults struggle to fill out a job application, have a hard time reading a prescription bottle or food label, and cannot read to their kids. Washington has thousands of residents who lack the basic skills they need to get and hold a job. In addition, there are also many residents who have jobs but need an opportunity to improve their skills in order to truly succeed in today’s workplaces.

To address this need, Mayor Anthony Williams has set forth a bold vision for the nation’s capital—to create a City of Learning where all D.C. residents can grow and our economy can thrive. The mayor’s vision embodies a long-term, multi-faceted effort to boost literacy for residents of all ages.

In order for this education effort to be successful and for our economy to be strong, the entire community must share the responsibility and make a commitment to a critical first step—helping adults in the District of Columbia get the skills needed not just to function—but thrive—in today’s workforce. With strong literacy skills, adults can create strong families and be leaders in the workforce of the future.

The Lifelong Learning Initiative
Corporations and organizations are joining the District of Columbia to tackle the city's crucial need for adult literacy services by launching the new Lifelong Learning Initiative. The initiative is a transformational effort with an ambitious target: to help 10,000 citizens achieve their learning goals over the next three years.

The Lifelong Learning Initiative takes an innovative approach to adult learning, and will bring important new resources and accountability to the city's adult literacy programs. The initiative supports training in reading, writing, math and language skills, computer instruction and technical job training in learning centers across the city. The services will be free or very low cost, and are easily accessible via public transportation.

Programs participating in the initiative will emphasize skill-based learning that addresses real-life needs in accordance with a set of new, citywide program framework called Equipped for the Future. These standards were developed through the National Institute for Literacy as a collaborative, nationwide effort to guide instruction and assessment and improve the quality and results of adult learning programs. Equipped for the Future is a voluntary initiative being put into practice in nearly 600 adult literacy programs in 38 states.

The Read Out Loud initiative is a public service campaign designed to help adults looking to improve their literacy skills find opportunities and services available through Washington, DC’s Lifelong Learning Initiative. The campaign’s television, radio and print public service announcements are designed to engage every citizen in the effort and alert adult learners who need help with reading, math or computer skills—or with getting a GED—to the services available throughout the city.


For help, please call 1-866-READ-OUT (732-3688)